Kosher Catering & Event Planning

Sample Toronto Trip (from NYC)

Day 1

10:00 PM     Arrive at buses 

10:30 PM     Depart New York for Toronto 

                     Several Stops En route 

Day 2

7:00 AM       Arrive in Niagara Falls, Ontario 

7:30 AM       Breakfast 

8:30 AM       Arrive at Tour of Niagara Falls 

10:00 AM     Depart Behind the Falls for Go Carting 

10:30 AM     Arrive at Go Carting 

11:30 AM     Depart Go Carting for Toronto 

1:15 PM       Arrive in Toronto at Hotel 

1:30 PM       Lunch is served at Hotel 

2:30 PM       Check-in at Hotel 

3:30 PM       Depart for tour of CN Tower 

4:30 PM       Arrive at CN Tower 

6:00 PM       Depart CN Tower for Dinner 

7:00 PM       Dinner served at Hotel 

Day 3

8:30 AM      Wake up 

9:00 AM      Shaharit  

9:30 AM      Breakfast with washing stations 

10:30 AM    Depart Hotel for Canada’s Wonderland (Amusement Park) 

11:15 AM    Arrive at Canada’s Wonderland and bring lunch to pre determined location 

1:00 PM      Lunch at pre determined location  

4:00 PM      Depart Canada’s Wonderland for hotel 

5:00 PM      Mincha

                   Dinner at Hotel 

6:00 PM      Load all baggage onto busses and depart Hotel for Baseball Game 

8:00 PM      Arrive at Major League Baseball Game 

10:00 PM    Depart Baseball Game for return trip to New York (snack served before boarding bus) 

                    Several stops en route 

 Day 4

6:15 AM      Wake Up

7:00 AM      Depart Hotel for Airport

7:30 AM      Arrive at MCO